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Okay, to begin with - I am NOT a hater, or xenophobic sonofabitch. I have absoluteluy nothing against foreign countries, i respect all cultures and customs, religions, sexual orientations, and with all that tollerance I should be considered the next fuckin' incarnation of Buddha or whatever. But since I'm not, I still get pissed pretty easily, but just as easily I laugh it off, or ignore, or forget, occupied with another bullshit that happened to set me off in that particular moment.
That is not the case.
And once again, I have no problem with japanese culture and history. Really. And I apologize in advance to all japanese guys who may accidentally read it - I mean no offence.
But now, you overdid it people. I'm pretty used to the fact, that if something is so weird, and freaky, and ununderstandable, and scary, and disturbing, you basically can't wrap your mind around it, it in 10/10 cases comes form Japan. They have some bizzare shit going on, I tell you.
I don't give a flying fuck about anime, manga, or whatever they came up with in the meantime. I couldn't care less about creepy big eyed cuddly girls/boys (hard to tell sometimes..most of the times..whatever...), or style of drawing balancing on the edge of disgusting/paedophiliac/homoerotic that almost always makes me cringe. I don't like this crap, and I stay as far away as possible, and most of all, ignore it's very existence, hoping it will go away.
That is not the case.
Long time ago I accepted the fact that one day the internet will fry my brain, and I will die seizing in front of my computer, from sensory overload, or bursting a vessel. But now I added another factor to my impending doom - the shit that will make my brain explode will be japanese. Period.
So, I looked for something, as usual, can't really recall what exactly and since it is not important I will just say it had something to do with history of Switzerland. And amidst the maps and old photos i stumbled upon on google, i spotted a miniature with a comic-kinda-from-afar-look. Since I love me some good history related humour I thought "What the heck." and clicked.
And of course it was in japanese, and of course i didn't get a single word, but the pictures were a bit disturbing, and hit my WTF-sense, that started tingling in that certain "DO NOT go there" kinda way. So I referred to Wikipedia, the most cherished source of stupid bullshit and made up crap, and finally got the whole truth (which, as good old agent Mulder used to say, is out there).
So basically, some japanese weirdo woke up one morning, and thought "Hey, i have absolutely no concept for it, but everybody is making webcomics, so me too, i need to have my own." And following that beautiful revelance, he or she (I don't know, don't care, don't want to associate that idiocy with any particular gender, in fear of loosing all respect, and if it's a guy never getting laid, or it it's a chick, eating my own gun) decided to convert European (and other, I think I spotted USA before my eyeballs bled out) countries involved in WW1 and WW2 conflicts into beforementioned big eyed, sweet cuddly, borderly paedophiliac/homoerotic cartoon characters.
Yes. Personifications of European countries. Having adventures refering to memorable moments of world history.


WHAT THE FUCK????? What is wrong with those people, why the hell anybody, i repeat, in case of misunderstanding, ANYBODY thinks that it is interesting, or funny , or fuckin awesome, or whatever. IT IS NOT!!!!!
WHO? WHY? WHaaaaa.....!!! I couldn't believe that anybody could be so unsensitive, disrespectful and offensive to pull that shit off!!! Seriously, I googled it - fanpages in gazilliuon languages, PRINTED comic book, TV series, a FUCKIN MOVIE, facebook pages, tons and tons of fanart, livejournal accounts...Who reads/watches/obsesses over it, I have no idea, but with every other link i clicked, i felt worse and worse, and worse. Really, maybe it is only me, maybe I am the weird one, but my personal approach and respect i have for history just won;t allow that crap go uncommented! It is just preposterous, I have no other words for that. How in hell nobody cares that some japanese person, and thousands of fans make fun of our heritage and national history? Because it is NOT educational, it is NOT cute, when nazi germany (with all my interest in the III reich) chases fluffy kittens together with facist italy (with all my respect to roman empire and what's letf of it) depicted as cute, rosy-cheeked, slightly gay big headed little characters. It doesn't amuse me, I find it offensive. I feel personally offended by that crap. And it doesn't happen often!
One of the facebook "like it" pages - I hate when my parents don't approve of hetalia (obviously, the title ). WTF? Of course they don't!!! They shouldn't! If you want to read what nazi germany did with facist italy hot some books, but I assure you, there are no fluffy kittens. No kittens at all.
Why oh, why convert a serious matter, no laughing matter (besides a well balanced inteligent humour some cartoonists posess) into that circus? Please, can somebody explain it to me, beacuse I'm lost?
I refuse to look at that disturbing crap any longer, as J. Ceasar in one of the Asterix issues said "Veni, Vidi, and I can't believe my own eyes.". But I would love some clarity on that matter. Who, and why, oh why reads it, why support it, when it should be salted and burned?

Seriously, WTF?


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